Here’s an ‘Aquaman’ piece I did as a fun first time contribution to the Sketch Dailies community.I’ve been off sick the past couple days, so got a chance to put a little more time & effort into the rendering… Working on ‘Mr Bean: the animated series' is certainly keeping me busy, as I think this is actually the first painted piece I've done this year. Felt good! Hope you like, & feel free to share. [More to come]-M-
*** Wishing every single one of you a TRULY special Christmas ***
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A good friend of mine popped the big question to his lady on Saturday… He hired a cinema screen, where they watched a 14minute film he made for her; & at the end of that film came this little short I made for him, as he proposed… She said yes! Wishing a big congratulations to them both.

[Best watched full screen in HD]

Richie “Cat Daddy” Brown.
A bassist at Chuckie. B's nightclub, I imagined Richard Brown to be a fairly quiet but suave individual (an old 'G'). A real deep thinker who only speaks when he needs to. I also imagine him to be a chain-smoker who loves little more than a good whisky by a fireplace… Mild health problems due to the smoking- which I think should play the main reason also as to why he hardly speaks… I hear him having a broken, airy/ raspy voice, which his band members also dub him “Wispy” for having, as at times they struggle to hear his words.
Character pose-sheet 2 of 2… “VIDA”. 
Character pose-sheet 01 of the “green alien girl" I drew a few weeks back… I’ve now given her the name, "VIDA"… From the hidden core of Neptune, her Neptunian biological makeup allows her to absorb & channel raw energy from just about anything; living/ non-living, including people, animals, wind, solar, hydro, electric etc, & release it at will, causing potentially devastating results… Will post up another page of poses later today. Hope you guys like her? ;)
Lunch break sketch… “The Encounter”. I have a scene in mind for this.
"Green Alien Girl"… Sketched out the main frame of the character during my lunch break at work last week. Didn’t have a face or costume, but the other day as I had a bit of a sick day, decided to flesh her out a little more.
Coming towards the end of the commercial job I’m currently on. Itching to get back to some personal work. Here’s a page of female studies…
"The Cool Girl"
Saw this really trendy looking girl on the train platform the other week… Boy, she had STYLE! Loved everything about her look. I wonder what she does…? If I see her again, I’ll ask.
And here’s the 3rd & final BG I designed for the commercial. This was for a close-up section of a monster sleeping on the rock.
This was actually the first BG I designed for the commercial. Really enjoyed coming up with this one. There’s something about rendering rocky environments/ terrains that appeals to me.
A long “panning” background I worked up last year for the cool guys over at ILoveDust, who were producing a commercial for GE China (an energy company). There were about 3 backgrounds I created, which I’ll post up the other two in a second. Here’s the commercial itself which was directed by my pal, the talented Ewen Stenhouse. It has some lovely FX animation/ art direction in it.

A presentation film I directed & animated for a private corporate screening… (NB: I’ve had to remove the V/O audio as well as logos & other branding info as this was purely for an internal screening)

I had in total about 5 days (inc client comments etc) to complete the film; which involved providing a visual concept, storyboards, an animatic, final animation, compositing & delivery. For the sake of convenience, I pushed for a simple graphic, screen-print look with a Saul Bass/ “Catch Me if You Can” titles feel… I also used the title sequence from “Monsters Inc” as inspiration for the general pace & comedic charm.

Produced by:
The Big RD

Chuckie. B. 
Started this guy off picturing a small-time Jazz club owner (early 1960’s)… [one of those tucked away back alley joints; a little run down, but one only the hippest of cats know about]… which I really like, but now I’m thinking perhaps he’s just a session musician playing in a small band & the Jazz club being something he aspires to; with a name something like “Ray’s BOOM BOOM Room”…. *whispers* Yeaaah… Raaaay’s Boom Boom Room… (But “Chuckie” in stead)